As the only collecting, visual arts museum for a 100-mile radius, the Wiregrass Museum of Art takes to heart its responsibility to provide inspiration for its community, and our corporate members have joined in to support WMA’s mission. Corporate membership with the Wiregrass Museum of Art represents more than just financial support. By becoming a WMA corporate member, your company shows others in the Wiregrass region (and beyond) that you value local students’ educational experiences, that you’re committed to the economic well-being of your area, and that you think having a place for cultural sharing through visual art is worth the investment. Corporate members receive exclusive benefits when they join WMA. Thank you to our 2019 corporate members for their continued support!

All Corporate Members Enjoy:

  • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter
  • Member rate to all museum events/classes/workshops for specified number of employees
  • Business listing as corporate sponsor on website & newsletter
  • Invitation to attend annual membership appreciation party
  • Tax deduction for contibution (as allowable by law)

Many thanks to WMA’s corporate members for their support of exhibitions and art education, and for believing in the transformative power of art.





In-Kind Members

$500 / year


Membership Benefits for one Corporation

(and 5 employees).

Two (2) Yard Party for Art general admission tickets

$1,000 / year


Membership Benefits for one Corporation

(and 10 employees).

Ad or article about business in one issue of quarterly newsletter

15% rental discount of WMA’s Meeting Rooms

Two (2) Yard Party for Art general admission tickets

$2,500 / year


Membership Benefits at the Supporter level

(and 15 employees).

20% rental discount of WMA’s Meeting Rooms

Six (6) Yard Party for Art general admission tickets

$5,000 / year


Membership Benefits at the Patron level

(and 20 employees).

25% rental discount of Great Hall

Eight (8) Yard Party for Art general admission tickets

$7,500 / year


Membership Benefits at the Benefactor level

(and 25 employees).

One free rental of WMA’s Business Meeting Rooms

One 50% rental discount on Great Hall

Ten (10) Yard Party for Art general admission tickets

$10,000 / year


Membership Benefits at the Steward level

(and 30 employees).

One free rental of WMA’s of Great Hall

Twelve (12) Yard Party for Art general admission tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can, and we appreciate it! Whether you’re already a member and want to increase your support, or are not a member but still want to support the museum, you can donate here. Thank you!

Volunteers are essential in helping the Wiregrass Museum of Art fulfil our mission of creating great experiences through art, for all ages. You can become a Docent, providing Museum tours to visitors and school children, while aiding in educational outreach to students, visitors, and the Wiregrass Community. Special Projects Volunteers assist with Museum events, lectures, special family programs, and day-to-day tasks that keep the museum running smoothly. Please contact the museum to volunteer.

Absolutely! If you appreciate the Wiregrass Museum of Art and want to share that with a friend or family member, or just know someone you think would love to be a part of our family, simply select your desired level of membership above, and note that it is intended as a gift.

For further information, email Development Director Melissa Rea
or call (334) 794-3871 ext. 25.

Youth Art Education Policy

Outside of tours, family days, and open house events, individuals who are not enrolled in a class are not allowed in WMA classrooms except by written permission of the Executive Director. Parents may not join children in the classroom during instruction times in order to ensure an atmosphere conductive to creativity. It is important to limit the number of adults to keep the focus on the kids, their learning, and to accommodate limited seating in the studio. Parents are welcome to stay in the museum during class but must remain outside of the classroom during instruction time.

Museum educators are experienced in creating positive learning environments for all ages and are required to go through a background check to ensure the safety of our students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the studio at the end of class to see what their child has created. All docents and volunteers working with children are also required to go through background checks.

Thank you for understanding our policy and priority on the safety and well-being of participating students.

Throughout the year, WMA will host “Meet the Educator” days where parents and their children can come to the classroom to meet the instructor before beginning classes and camps. 2019’s schedule is as follows: January 30 from 4pm-6pm, May 29 from 4pm-6pm, and August 28 from 4pm-6pm.

Refund Policy

The Wiregrass Museum of Art may cancel any class with insufficient enrollment; students will be notified and given a full refund. If a student withdraws at least 1 week before the class begins, he/she will be refunded for the full cost of the class. If a student withdraws 24 hours before the class begins, he/she will be refunded for half the cost of the class. There are no refunds after the start date of class, and membership fees are nonrefundable. Students are not enrolled until complete payment is received.