Schedule a Tour

The Wiregrass Museum of Art’s guided tours are designed for students to experience original artworks, ask questions, discover new ideas, and build knowledge of their community. Tours are aligned with Alabama’s Department of Education Standards to make learning across the curriculum come alive! Led by our museum educator or a trained docent, guided tours of the museum bring to life our rich permanent collection and stellar special exhibitions. Tours are subject to the relevant admission charges.

  • Museum Tour: $3 per student, 1 hour touring the museum galleries
  • Tour & Activity: $5 per student, 30 minutes touring the museum, 30 minutes creating a work of art
  • Extended Tour & Activity: $6 per student, 45 minutes touring the museum, 45 minutes creating a work of art
  • Printmaking Tour & Activity: $10 per student, 1 hour touring the museum, 1.5 hours creating, designing, carving, and printing a linoleum block. 10 student minimum, 45 student maximum.
  • Clay Tour & Activity: $15 per student, 1 hour touring the museum, 1.5 hours creating and glazing a ceramic work of art. 10 student minimum, 45 student maximum. All artwork will be dried and fired in the kiln then available to be picked up two weeks after the tour.

The art lesson can be cross-curricular tailored to what your students are currently learning in the classroom. Specify your art lesson interests when you register for your tour. If there is not a specified cross-curricular art lesson mentioned, the art activity will be based off a work of art currently on display in the galleries.

At the museum we strive to ensure each student has an engaging experience. Below you will find the recommended number of chaperones per student.

  • K-2nd grade: 1 adult per 5 students
  • 3-8th grade: 1 adult per 10 students
  • 9-12th grade: 1 adult per 15 students

Admission is free for one teacher or chaperone per 10 students. Additional chaperones pay $3 each. (All chaperones must be 21 years of age and up)

Contact Educator Brook McGinnis to schedule a tour.

Bus On Us

Bring your students to the Wiregrass Museum of Art during the 2018-2019 school year with our Bus on Us program, a partnership between WMA, Dothan City Schools, and Houston County Schools to provide reimbursed bus transportation for K-12 field trips to the museum. We want every student in our local school systems to experience regular visits to WMA so they can benefit from new exhibitions and hands-on art education to cultivate lifelong learning through visual art.

Each Dothan City School and Houston County School receives reimbursement for 6 buses covering system approved cost of mileage and bus driver time to the museum, during, and after the museum tour for up to 3 hours.

This program has been made possible through the Houston County Commission, and the Southeast Alabama Community Foundation.




notify teachers of the program and coordinate which classes/grades will receive bus reimbursement.



sign up for school tours online beginning August 1, 2018 with the Bus on Us link below and submit reimbursement form.



reimburses the school system for the allotted number of buses.


K-12 Students

receive consistent arts education experiences over their school career, building their creativity and critical thinking skills.


Docents are a vital part of the Wiregrass Museum of Art’s mission to educate and inspire audiences through the visual arts and its interpretation. Docents are specially trained volunteers who guide museum tours for school groups and visitors. They facilitate learning about and making a connection with the permanent collection and exhibitions through discussion of the artwork on exhibit.

As a WMA docent, you will have the opportunity to become a more effective communicator and educator by interacting with a variety of visitors, to expand your knowledge of visual art through research and training provided by WMA, to connect with your community and a diverse group of art enthusiasts, and to attend special events and classes just for docents!

Docents are encouraged to become members of the Museum, but it is not a requirement.

  • Thank you for your interest in docent service at the Wiregrass Museum of Art! Your time and talent are valuable resources and are genuinely appreciated!

Youth Art Education Policy

Outside of tours, family days, and open house events, individuals who are not enrolled in a class are not allowed in WMA classrooms except by written permission of the Executive Director. Parents may not join children in the classroom during instruction times in order to ensure an atmosphere conductive to creativity. It is important to limit the number of adults to keep the focus on the kids, their learning, and to accommodate limited seating in the studio. Parents are welcome to stay in the museum during class but must remain outside of the classroom during instruction time.

Museum educators are experienced in creating positive learning environments for all ages and are required to go through a background check to ensure the safety of our students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the studio at the end of class to see what their child has created. All docents and volunteers working with children are also required to go through background checks.

Thank you for understanding our policy and priority on the safety and well-being of participating students.

Throughout the year, WMA will host “Meet the Educator” days where parents and their children can come to the classroom to meet the instructor before beginning classes and camps. 2019’s schedule is as follows: January 30 from 4pm-6pm, May 29 from 4pm-6pm, and August 28 from 4pm-6pm.