CARE Packages

WMA commissioned twelve acclaimed Alabama artists to create editions of ten artworks each. Selected by program creator Paul Barrett, the artists come from diverse backgrounds and work in a variety of media in all corners of Alabama. Now that those commissions are completed, WMA is proud to offer these works of art to you in ten exclusive sets that will give you the opportunity to start or expand your own collection of works from Alabama artists.

Artists include in the CARE packages include:

John Demotte
Sarah Ellis
Jenny Fine
Winfred Hawkins
Bette Sue Matthews
Helga Mendoza
Robin Metz
Andrew McCall
John Oles
Tres Taylor
Chris Wade
Joi West

Price for each set of 12 works: $1,800

Please call us at 334.794.3871 to purchase this product.

Objects in these photos are representative of the works offered in CARE packages, but are not exactly the works you may receive in your set.

Please reach out to WMA to reserve your set, either by phone at 334-794-3871, or email at Sets will be reserved for pick-up only; no shipping is available at this time.