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Little Art Supply Libraries

Did you know that WMA has 3 Little Art Supply Libraries in Dothan?

One is located in the lower level of the museum, one is at the Andrew Belle community center, and one is at the recreation center by West Gate Library.

They were begun by WMA teens in 2022 as a way for the community to share art supplies they aren’t using, with those in need of art supplies.

It’s part of my job to check on, organize, and restock the museum’s contributions.

A woman holds a tray of art supplies she is preparing to put into the Little Art Supply Library

We keep crayons, paint kits, paper, pencils, and scissors on hand, plus share updates about upcoming events and activities at the museum, like classes and Youth Art Month.

We had a small surplus of pipe cleaners leftover from the Pumpkin Patch, so this week, I generated a quick activity sheet and built activity kits to add to the Little Art Supply Libraries.

A quick introduction with information to our website for more activities:

On the back, there are directions for a drawing activity, plus several easy pipe cleaner activities:

Packing the activity kits:

Kits are packed with the double sided handout/directions, information about youth art month, a pack of crayons, several sheets of paper, and 5 pipe cleaners:

I love that someone at the museum before me carved a stamp!

That I’m using to stamp goodie bags

They say, “Our Art felt Thanks, WMA”

Waiting for the paint to dry and getting ready to add additional art supplies and youth art month information to the coloring book, crayons, and stickers that are already in the bags.

Packed and ready for loading up the Little Art Supply Libraries!

So if you’re out and about, or stop in at the museum, tag us if when you’re at one of the Little Art Supply Libraries, or when you’ve made art from one of the activities– we would love to see you!

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