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B16: Wiregrass Biennial

July 21 - September 24, 2016

B16: Wiregrass Biennial showcases the region’s most talented contemporary artists, illustrating the South’s rich cultural heritage. The exhibition is open to artists living in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana and serves as an opportunity for artists living and working in the Southeast to take part in a museum exhibition and to strengthen their professional portfolios. The WMA encourages innovative and progressive work that utilizes a variety of art forms and media and will feature paintings, sculptures as well as mixed media, new media and installation art.

This year’s participating artists include:

Aaron LaRoux
Allyson Comstock
Andrew Hairstans
Anne Herbert
Austin Wieland
Becky Beamer
Bryce Speed
Chad Burton Johnson
Cindy Wagner
Claire Lewis Evans
Ellen Soffer
Irby Pace
Jane Philips
Jenna Efrein
Karen Graffeo
Katelyn Ledford
Kimberley A. Brown
Kimberly Hart
Laura Stanley
Laurie Popp
Mark Leputa
Michael Swann
Ralph Paquin
Scott Fisk
Vivian Liddell
Will Fenn and Molly Freeman
William Dooley
William Lawler