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Cerulean Reverie: A Sculptural Dream In Blue


The Wiregrass Museum of Art (WMA) alongside students from Dothan Technology Center installed new artwork at Walton Park in partnership with Dothan Leisure Services and local architect and artist Jason Schmidt. The work, titled “Cerulean Reverie: A Sculptural Dream in Blue”, was designed, constructed, and installed by students from several program areas, including Graphic Arts, Engineering, and Construction.

Project partners began work on the project in Spring 2023 to develop concepts and designs, encouraging collaboration across program disciplines. Originally intended to replace WMA’s on-site sculpture “Semiotic Compass”, which was designed and built by Schmidt to celebrate Alabama’s Bicentennial, the project was adapted due to the changing landscape around the museum and upcoming construction plans in the downtown. Working with Dothan Leisure Services, Walton Park was selected as the new site to complement the various activities and engagements that take place there, with hope that the public art will also attract additional visitors.

Students from Graphic Arts, Engineering, and Construction have dedicated over a year to imagining, designing, testing, building, and installing their work. Alani Robinson, a senior at Dothan Tech/Dothan High School and one of the designers, expressed her vision for the sculpture: “I designed ‘Cerulean Reverie: A Sculptural Dream in Blue’ to emit a feeling similar to diving into a tranquil ocean. Each up and down is like a wave, carrying you into a serene state of mind. My goal is to create a mini environment where you can pause and reflect amidst the chaos of everyday life.”

The project challenged students across distinct disciplines to work together to solve problems and contribute something meaningful to the community and is a testament to the students’ hard work, with over 600 hours invested in the project over the past year.

“Public art exists because many people, including artists, designers, fabricators, and engineers, come together to realize a vision, but rarely do those individuals work together from the conceptual phase of the project. This project provided a unique opportunity to pair students with an artist and creative professional while challenging students in different disciplines to work together from the beginning, encouraging problem solving, idea sharing, and an appreciation for everyone’s role,” said Dana-Marie Lemmer, executive director at WMA.

Marques Gibson, a sophomore at Dothan Tech/Dothan High School, reflected on the project’s impact, stating: “This project came out very well, and I believe it will make a positive impact on our community. I feel it gave a fresh new feel to the park, and it will be something everyone will enjoy. This project was a series of lessons learned on how to overcome adversity in design, printing, and communications.”

“Cerulean Reverie: A Sculptural Dream in Blue” stands as a significant achievement for the students and a valuable addition to the public art landscape in Dothan. The collaborative effort between WMA, Dothan Tech, local artist Jason Schmidt, and Dothan Leisure Services exemplifies the power of art in bringing people together and enhancing public spaces.

The work will remain at Walton Park for 1-2 years while additional works are being considered for future projects and locations.

Participating students include:

From Graphic Arts: Alani Robinson, Cady Pozega, Charity Knowles, Imperial Halsell, Israel Henderson, Jade Marreo, Jacob Costelloe, Jamarcuius Adams, Jonathan Blackman, Khayrah Linen, Marques Gibson, Parker Collins, Rihanna Walker, Robert Williams, Ryan Schmidt, Treyvon Billie, Tyree Burks, Zabrien Jackson

From Engineering: Antonio Gonzales; Austin Barley; Blake Gartman; Blake Rouse; Briana Milton; Caleb Gilmore; Charles Hickerson; Dawson Bruno; Elijah Sekeres; Ethan Jones; Franli Mesa-Ortega; Gavin Hendershott; Haley Trawick; James Howell; Jayden Allen; Lance Bryant; Landon Conrand; Lemieux Clements; Malachi Long; Mason Vines; Noah Long; Tage Smith; Walt Moody; Wes Moody; Will Moody

From Construction: Amari Kilow; Alexander Broadaway; Brandon Cazares; Brayden Taylor; Bryant William; Charles Dickens; Damian Constable; David Dalton; Eddike Campbell; Guadalupe Vazquez; Hunter Patrick; Madison More; Mallorie Brasswell; Matthew Mills; Miguel Garcia; Owen Stephens; Paul Coleman; Tamer Waters; Tarver Brown

This project was made possible by grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.