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Studio Class: Afternoon Art Tastings

January 1, 1970 - January 1, 1970
4 - 5:30pm

Ages: 12 to 18 years old

$15 for members; $20 for not-yet members (price per session)

Join us the second Friday of each month as we get a taste of different artists and their works during our afternoon art tastings! During the four course art tasting, students will rotate every 20 minutes to 4 different tables, each with a different course. The tables will include 2 menus: the “Main Menu” will include images of artwork with the artist’s statement and bio and will also include questions students can discuss with their party. The “Dessert Menu” contains the instructions for the table’s art activity. Students will be able to go table to table with their “Guest Check” which they can use to write down their thoughts about each table or write the names of their pieces. Once students have visited each table, they will reflect and help bus the tables. This new monthly class is a great opportunity to meet new friends and refine your communication skills as you discuss and create together. Satisfy your hunger for art and fellowship!

In celebration of Youth Art Month this class is buy one, get one free. Bring a friend and have a blast!

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