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Artist in Residence (SUMMER 2018)

Wiregrass Museum of Art, in partnership with The City of Dothan, is looking for an artist, or group of artists, that will be engaged in community outreach, and the gathering of feedback as it relates to transportation needs along the 84 E corridor.

The artist(s) selected will focus their outreach efforts in the historically African American, low-income neighborhoods along the north and south sides of the Hwy 84 E Corridor, working directly with residents and business owners in the area. The artist will possess experience and interest in art as a means for social development and community building, and be able to gain trust and buy-in from a community that may hold long-standing mistrust of governmental institutions.

The ideal candidate will have interest in assisting citizens in minority communities by providing thoughts, ideas, and recommendations regarding the impact of the Hwy 84 East corridor upon the quality of their daily lives, and encourage their active participation in the City-sponsored public process.

This project is supported in part by an award from Transportation for America and Smart Growth America.