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Corporate Member Spotlight – Wiregrass Home Team

Corporate Member Spotlight – Wiregrass Home Team

WMA is generously supported in part by the regional business community through its corporate member program. We sat down with Bev Arnold of Wiregrass Home Team to talk about their company’s culture and priorities. Wiregrass Home Team proudly supports WMA as a new Friend level corporate member.

WMA: Tell us a little bit about your company. What is important to you and your team?

Bev: Wiregrass Home Team is a local real estate brokerage sales company. We believe that, “We get by giving,” therefore, we are devoted to servicing our clients’ real estate needs by providing our available resources and specialized knowledge in residential and commercial sales, always focused on the client. Our desire is to establish Wiregrass Home Team as the preferred real estate agents to work with within our market area, by building relationships within our community, within our team, with business partners and with our clients. And by providing “above and beyond” quality and care in the real estate services we provide. We also strive to provide systems, tools and services for our realtors, to enhance their careers and help them achieve the highest degree of success in their business and personal lives.

WMA: We’re grateful for your support as a corporate member! Why do you support the arts, and WMA, as a company?

Bev: Wiregrass Home Team believes in the power of art to move individuals to social action, to influence others, to entertain, and to educate. As a corporate member we would like to support WMA’s ongoing efforts and special projects in our local community. We want to be a part of the museum’s work to inspire creativity in a way that will enhance the lives of our Wiregrass community.

WMA: Do you have any experiences at the museum that you’d like to share with us, or any way that you see art making a difference in our Wiregrass region?

Bev: I’ve personally volunteered in the past to assist children during WMA’s special project days, and attended and supported the annual Yard Party for Art event. I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world in the past 25 years, and during that time, it was clear to see how art positively impacts communities. Art attracts tourists and creative talents. This diversity can be linked to an entrepreneurial spirit and start-up companies boosting our local economy. Art can provide and promote interaction in public spaces, bringing people together, and encouraging a deeper connection with each other. Art programs for children can improve educational outcomes and build a child’s confidence and creativity.

WMA: Personally and professionally, what do you imagine and hope for our Wiregrass region for the future?

Bev: I hope to see more weekly (or monthly) community events that include some form of the arts. For example, the Ashville Drum Circle is a free event every Friday night that draws local people and tourists together. I would also like to see more unique art and gift shops expand down Foster Street. We need more art programs introduced back into the schools and more art competitions for local middle and high school age students.

To learn more about how your company can support WMA’s mission, visit wiregrassmuseum.org/become-a-corporate-member/

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