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A Message from the Education Department

I’m not sure what I can say about COVID-19 that hasn’t already been said. My emotional state is scattered as I navigate the new normal that was so quickly thrust upon us. How I squandered my last classes with my college students! There should have been cupcakes, and elbow bumps, and parting words. If I had known that sweet homeschool group would be my last tour at the museum for two months, I would have savored the moment a bit more than I did. I know all of you are faced with similar regrets. The world is a very different place than it was two weeks ago.

We in the Education Department at WMA miss our students. We miss seeing their eyes widen in wonder as they take in Dale Kennington’s The Debutants for the first time. We miss hearing them giggle as they look upon their newly created masterpiece with gleeful satisfaction. We miss their insanely loud footsteps on the stairs. (Seriously, they have tiny feet…why are they so loud?)

While we cannot see you right now, we want you to know that we are still here for you. Over the last two weeks, we’ve developed new ways to keep in touch and help you create. We now have a daily series of social media posts called Daily Art Break, with a different activity Monday through Friday to get your creative muscles moving. The Daily Art Breaks have already begun on Facebook and Instagram but beginning on April 13, the schedule will have a bit more structure:

Monday: We will feature our weekly blog post from The Educator’s Lair to start the week off right!

Tuesday: Bingo Day! We will feature a fun art themed bingo game to play at home.

Wednesday: We Create Wednesday! Join us at 10am as we walk you through a quick art project.

Thursday: Lunch and Learn: On Thursdays at noon we will discuss a piece on display at the museum and show you a quick related art project.

Friday: Free For All! We present an art challenge based on theme or medium and feature staff creations.

We also continue to add Lesson Plans to our Educator Resources section on the website and we will be working with the Executive Director to ensure you can experience what’s on display at WMA from the safety and comfort of your home.


I could list quote after quote about how art heals and connects us to one another but, if you are here reading my words, you already know that. We are connected through the arts right now and that bond cannot be broken. We’re still here for you and we can’t wait to see you at the museum again. Until that wonderful day,  let’s create something beautiful together!

Stay well!

Brook and Amanda

(In the photo: Caleb Nicholson and Maggie Dempsey with their masterpieces created on tour!)