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Art Immersion with Butch Anthony at Dothan High

This month, the staff of WMA had the opportunity to go on a tour of the exhibition currently on display at the Dothan High School!

Dr. Wylly, head of the Art Department at the High School, collaborated with the Alabama artist Butch Anthony and the University of Alabama Museum of Natural History to create an immersive experience around the Alabama state fossil, the Basilosaurus.

It then became an incredible school and community wide project, involving the students in the art department, band, dance, JROTC, multiple classes from English and Spanish to Anatomy, Physical Science and Forensics, as well as the yearbook staff, DTC, and volunteers from both within the school and across the community.

It fills the space- the sheer size of the installation is awe inspiring in itself, but it’s a frisson inducing experience to look at all of the pieces made by the students and recognize the sense of ownership it inspired in the entire student body: This is truly art integration in action.

No matter where you look, there are new details to catch your eye and imagination.

This is just a small sampling of my personal favorites.

I highly recommend that you make the time to experience it yourself and find your own favorites.

The installation will be on display through the rest of 2023.

Contact Dothan High School directly to see when it is open to the public.