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Make a JOYFUL Noise!

Looking for something to do with the kiddos during the last week of school before the winter break? Why not make some musical noisemakers and host a sing a long?  How can you do that? EASY! You don’t need any fancy materials!

Two paper cups or paper bowls filled with beans or beads then taped (securely) together create a shaker! Toilet paper tubes work, too. Just secure paper or fabric on each end to hold your beans or beads in place. Or maybe you want to ring some bells! Grab jingle bells of any size (you can find them at many retailers) and string them on yarn or ribbon to make a jingle bell bracelet or glue them to a stick or toilet paper tube for a jingle bell shaker. You can also glue or tie your bells to an old embroidery hoop to create the perfect tambourine. Then decorate whichever noisemaker you choose with markers, paint, collage, stickers, wrapping paper, fabric…you name it! Noisemakers are a quick, fun, and easy project that your kiddos will love! If you’re feeling more adventurous,<strong><a href=”https://zinginstruments.com/homemade-musical-instruments/”> this article</a></strong> lists 27 instruments you can make from common household objects and recycled materials.

Once you’ve made your instruments, cue up your favorite holiday playlist on a music streaming service of your choice and make some noise! And, if you want to learn a little more about the popular holiday song <em>Jingle Bells</em>, you can play the video below that I made a couple of years ago for virtual <strong><a href=”https://www.wiregrassmuseum.org/first-saturday-family-day/”>First Saturday Family Day.</a></strong> I talk about the history of the song and I introduce viewers to the cutest musical instrument, the ukulele. Viewers can then sing along with me while I play <em>Jingle Bells</em> on my little uke! Regardless of what music you choose, your little artists will have fun creating and making a joyful noise!

Thank you for creating and learning with us this year and every year! Happiest of holidays to you and yours! We can’t wait to see you in the new year!

Artfully yours,