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Meet the Educator: Janin Wise

We have added a new friend to the Lair! Meet our new School Programs Coordinator and Art Educator Janin Wise. We are so happy to have her here at WMA. Let’s get to know our new educator with 5 quick questions.


Tell us a little about yourself!

“Greetings and Salutations! My name is Janin Wise and I’m the new School Programs Coordinator, Tour Coordinator, and Art Educator. I’ve lived in the Wiregrass area for 18 years and been a local artist at several different local conventions, as well as in Memphis.”

What has been your favorite part of working at WMA so far?

“Oh goodness! I can’t decide if it’s been getting to see all the art or giving tours! Honestly, I enjoy them both a great deal. And one of the coolest parts is getting to see the art through new eyes with each tour group.”

Describe your artistic practice. (If you would like to share images of your art, please attach them to email)

“I love to use acrylic, pen and ink, and mixed media, specializing in story based small art.

I have a variety of ongoing series, including my “Leaves on the World Tree.” In June of 2016, I had a dream that when I awoke, left me asking “What am -I- doing to help the world tree?” In September, I finally had my answer, and began my Leaves on the World Tree Project, pairing each of the major world ethnicities with a tree local to them, that they would be able to identify with. The rainbow backgrounds are a world sign of creation, divinity, good luck, hope, potential, harmony, connection, balance and spirituality.

My other two most popular series: “Bird Whisperer Project”, pairs bird with different cultural references native to the birds location, and “Wee Folk” which are acrylic and pen and ink that are only 2” x 3”.”

Below are some examples of her work:

Contemplation or Worry?

Leaves on the World Tree: Bashkir Linden

The Origin of the Aracari


Who is your favorite living artist? Favorite Alabama artist?

“Oh dear! I don’t know that I can pick just one! But I’ll limit it to my top 5 favorite living artist: Stephanie Law, who has aphantasia, meaning she doesn’t have an internal monologue and can’t envision the artwork before she’s creating it! Leigh Anna Newell, an autistic Alabama artist who creates truly TINY art, some as small as .5” x .5”! Amanda Trawick, an Alabama artist who creates amazing and spooky pieces that make you want to explore their worlds. Kimberly Whaley, a Dothan artist who makes mesmerizing black and white floral paintings. And Jarrod Alberich, another Dothan artist, more commonly known at local art fairs and conventions as “The Yard Sale Artist” for his upcycled pieces.”

 Tell us something we would NEVER guess about you.

“I love reading, celebrating the holidays, and playing board games.”


When she’s not busy planning and prepping our school tour program, you can find Janin leading our tour attendees through our galleries and helping with various outreach projects throughout the community. Let’s give her a warm Educator’s Lair welcome….and let’s trade books sometimes!!