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Summer Art Project Roundup

Because we are addicted to Pinterest and love helping you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer art projects that are sure to inspire your little, and not so little, artists! Most can be created with items you have around the house and none of them require fancy/expensive art supplies. A quick trip to your local dollar store can have you creating all summer long!


Dinosaur Model: Stand-Up Guys

This entire list from Parents Magazine is great with something for all age groups and skill levels but our favorite activity on the list is the bipedal dinosaur model. (However, a close second is the ephemeral nameplate made from leaves and such you can gather in your own backyard.) Note: You need to sign up for a free account to download templates and/or instructions.

$1 Dry Erase Mat

Another great list with interactive games/projects but the artsy winner here is the dry erase art mat made with nothing more than a shower curtain and dry erase markers from the dollar store. Throw the curtain on the floor and start creating! When your tiny artist is done, clean it off, fold it up, and store it until inspiration strikes again!

Splat Painting

Channel your inner Jackson Pollock with supplies you already have at home: panty hose, rice, washable paint, and paper. This is a great activity to get your toddler moving and creating! Honestly, we think all age groups will enjoy this messy, fun project. If you don’t have panty hose but still want a more active art project, Freeze Dance Painting is a good alternative.

Soap Foam Printing

Bubbles AND paint? We’re so there! This outdoor activity calls for liquid watercolors, but you don’t have to buy them from an art supply store. You can make them from old markers, or you can always use food coloring!

Paper Marbling

We love to include Marbling Projects in our camp curriculum. The results are beautiful, and our students always love getting their hands in the shaving cream! The link above will take you to our Educator’s Lair post highlighting two ways to create marbled paper: shaving cream and chalk.

Germ Blow Painting

Blow painting uses liquid watercolor and straws to make cool abstract art. This project is STEAM powered as it gives you an opportunity to include a little science with your art. If you don’t want to think about germs right now, try this Blow Painting Peacock instead!

Sunflower Paper Plate Weaving

Weaving projects always remind me of warm summer days in the arts and crafts cabin at Girl Scout camp. This cheerful weaving project calls for paper plates and yarn. The samples used yellow paper plates but if you only have white on hand, just add an extra step to color them yellow with whatever supplies you have on hand. If flowers aren’t your thing, you might like this Star Weaving project!

Wearable Art

We found so many fun wearable art projects but these few were our favorites. This Shark Headband will have your little artists ready for Shark Week in no time. It calls for card stock, but you could easily substitute construction paper as long as you use something (like a strip of cardboard) to keep the shark head standing tall. We also love these Nature Craft Tiaras and Masks. The site provides a free, downloadable template to use. These Jumbo Craft Stick Bracelets are a project you can create together, as adults will need to prep/bend the craft sticks for their children. Lastly, this Mermaid Tail made from coffee filters and cupcake liners makes our hearts swim! Who doesn’t want to be a Mermaid or Merman during the summer?

Two Litter Lanterns

This blog post details how you can create your own lantern festival in your back yard with two-liter bottles and electric candles! So, hang on to those two-liters from your summer BBQs and transform your backyard into something magical!

African Textile Prints

We love this beautiful project that shows you how to make prints from Styrofoam and markers. For more photos and information about the rich history of African textile creation, this article is a great resource. And since we’re talking about African art, this African Trade Bead project from Crayola is a great way to repurpose paper scraps. It calls for construction paper but you can make your triangles out of any paper scraps you wish. And if you like a little music with your visual art, this African Drum project made with items from your garden shed is a great way to learn about and celebrate an important part of many different cultures.

We hope these projects help you find the ARTspiration to create all summer long! Don’t forget to share your masterpieces with us on social media. We LOVE to see what you’re working on!