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Take Me Out(side)!

Now that we’re deep into summer break, I’m sure you’re looking for something to occupy your young artists’ time. We’ve searched the internet for some fun OUTDOOR art activities that are sure to engage your little ones and keep the mess out of your living room!

With Mother Nature’s Help

These projects will help make your late afternoon/early morning nature walks more interesting, as you search for the perfect leaves, twigs, and flowers to create with!

Nature Paint Brushes

Take your little artists on a nature walk and gather sticks, leaves, tall grass, and other natural items that you could use to create a nature paint brush. Then actually create art with your brushes and discover how different textures create different brush strokes.

A paintbrush made of leaves and a twig rests on a mixed media pad.

Leaf Art

If you have any left over leaves from your paint brush activity, use them as your canvas and have fun creating!

Rainbow Wind Chimes

And if you have any sticks or twigs left over, you can transform them into beautiful wind chimes! This project uses a rainbow color palette but you can use whatever colors you wish.

Get Active!

The following projects are a great way to burb of some excess energy AND make some awesome art in the process!

Sponge Print 

So you don’t have an easel? No worries! Use a fence or the side of your house! This activity requires a large piece of paper (poster board would work as well), sponges, and washable paint. You can create a picture for them to color in, as we see in this sponge painted fish project, or let them create their own abstract masterpiece. A fun and mess-free…ish…alternative to finger painting!

A sponge painted rainbow on carboard that has been taped to the side of a house.

Bubble Wrap Body Slam Painting 

This is another project that uses your fence or side of your house as an easel. Wrap your young artists in bubble wrap, then cover them in paint. Plaster your fence in butcher paper and let your young artists use their whole bodies to create a work of art!

Painting with your FEET

While not mess free, this project is another engaging way to get their whole body involved in artmaking! Grab more butcher paper and let those little feet get to walking…and painting!

Paint Rolling on a Slide 

Have a slide in your backyard? Then this project is for you! Cover your slide in butcher paper. Then dip balls, toy cars, anything that will roll in paint and let the chaos ensue!

STEAM Powered

Even though school is out, learning never stops! Have fun combining science and art with the following projects!

Splat Art

Make a mess and learn some science? Sign me up! For this activity, you’ll need butcher paper, pom poms, and liquid watercolors. You can make your own liquid watercolors from old markers or just use watered down washable paint.

Sun Prints

Sun prints are created when the heat of the sun interacts with light sensitive paper. You can find this paper at craft stores and on Amazon. However, you can also create sun prints with construction paper, though it takes a little longer. Either way, sun prints are a wonderful way to get outside and create!

A sunprint of leaves on purple construction paper.

Are you inspired to get out and make art? If you create any of the above projects, don’t forget to tag the museum on social media. We LOVE to see what you create!