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Bud Harris – Firmly Planted in the Black Belt

October 21 - December 31, 2017

“I am a painter of the South, specifically the geographic area of Alabama called the Black Belt. Having been born and raised in this part of Alabama, it is what I best know and love; that is, it is my home country and I make art about this land, its people, and the stories of this place.

I seek out the places and the people that are deeply steeped in the history of the Black Belt. I am inspired by the rich traditions that include telling stories, how and why people gather, and the passing of time and how it affects people, places, and things in this region. I believe in the distinct genius loci of the Black Belt and try to manifest it in my painting.

I mainly work with watercolor but I will combine that with acrylics and oil pigments when I believe it necessary. Lately, I’ve been working on larger oil on canvas pieces and I am enjoying the experience of translating how I work in watercolor to painting with oil. Regardless of the medium I choose, I am aware of the way the light plays across surfaces and work to bring out my intent with rich color.” – Bud Harris