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Exquisite Disorientation: Sarah Marshall

April 22 - June 25, 2022

This exhibition features hand-dyed fabric works and quilts by artist Sarah Marshall, which incorporate various printmaking techniques like screenprinting, cyanotype, and relief printing. Influenced by interests such as language, reading and book objects, architecture, and biological science, Sarah focuses on the processes of printmaking and drawing. Her works on paper and fabric show organic forms that become portraits and characters; repeated in various environments, these characters examine our ideas about decision-making and the ways we treat each other.

The daughter of a reference librarian and a composer, Sarah Marshall, grew up near Baltimore, Maryland. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1992 and, in 1999, her Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of Iowa. Sarah is currently employed as an Associate Professor of Art at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Featured Above: Sarah Marshall, On The Blink, screenprint, relief printing, cyanotype, natural and synthetic dyes, machine quilting.