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Ground Beneath My Feet – Collaborative Portraits with Visual Artists in My Hometown – Work by Charity Ponter

October 19 - December 29, 2018

In this series, Charity Ponter highlights the talent and unique personalities of other Alabama artists, often referencing their own work in the portraits.

Ponter began the “Ground Beneath My Feet” photo series by approaching thirty visual artists in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and challenging each participant to brainstorm an idea for a portrait of themselves that could be both conceptual in nature and also share part of their identity as an artist.

The artists were encouraged to stretch the horizons of their craft, to go boldly into the realm of the strange or eccentric. They were asked to dream big, to dig deep, and then be photographed while immersed in their vision. The results of the collaboration are an attempt to capture the artists as their true selves but in a constructed scene or environment, and also to reveal the joy and magic that is collaboration between creative minds.

Ponter explores the lines between art, documentary, and portrait photography in order to reveal honest connections with her subjects. Through her work, the artist offers a visual landscape in which people and situations can freely share realities on a deep and often spiritual level.

Seeking out community and collaboration with other artists wherever she goes, Ponter believes all individuals have inherent value as human beings and have a unique voice in this world. Uninterested in following visual trends that isolate, solely self-promote, or divide, she desires to create work that brings healing to individuals and connects diverse groups of people while invoking a communal village mentality.

This exhibition has been made possible by grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.