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January 20 - June 24, 2023

“Recently my research and studio practice has consisted of the exploration of liminal spaces that exist physically, spiritually, and emotionally. While working, I have sought to mark, map, and record observations that reflect my interests in ideas of lightness and darkness, presence and absence. My experiments often give way to images and objects that are at times flat, ordered, graphic and repetitive, and at others visually atmospheric, expansive, and transcendent.

This Installation of objects In Remnant made for the Wiregrass Museum of Art becomes a physical record of measurement, arrangement, and re-arrangement. The evidence of shifts and adjustments in material and form reveal and conceal embedded histories and the passage of time. Through analyzing and observing these tools and systems of measurement, I hope to deconstruct and investigate how I record, internalize and refine information.” – Kole Nichols

Kole Nichols is a multi-disciplinary artist from Florence, Alabama. Within their work Nichols utilizes the languages of printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and painting as an expanded approach to art making in order to navigate diverse conceptual interests. Recent exhibitions in which they have been featured include the 44th Montgomery Art Guild Exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and the Red Clay Survey: 2020 Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art at the Huntsville Museum of Art.

Featured Above: Images courtesy of the artist