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The Hodges Effect: Forever Impacted!

January 19 - March 23, 2024

Connie Hwang, Sean Miller, and Sean Taylor

On November 30, 1954, Ann Hodges was struck by a meteorite while in her home in Sylacauga, Alabama. She is documented as the first survivor of a direct strike from a meteorite. This exhibition is an exploration of The Hodges Effect, the hypothesized, long-term physical changes or existential crisis that occurs after a person encounters material from outer space. Through a series of works including illustration, photography, sculpture, and more, the artist challenges us to consider the profound influences of space on the human psyche and the material world. It is Ann Hodges’ remarkable survival, and the years after, that becomes a catalyst for exploring and identifying the impacts of cosmic encounters, and perhaps will encourage us to reflect on the broader implications of our place in the universe. 


Sean Miller’s visionary approach will take viewers on a visual and conceptual journey, navigating the intersections of art and science, and using objects and art to illuminate new ideas. Known for his use of collaborative practices, the artist has partnered with a broad range of institutions, artists, and scientists in his exploration of the effects of space and believes that benefits of The Hodges Effect include curiosity, wonder, and increased spatial awareness. 


Prior to this exhibition, The Hodges Effect team worked with colleagues in Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S. to launch a campaign to lobby the U.N. for an International Meteorite Awareness Day for Ann Hodges. The campaign included billboards, free public art and science lectures, performances, and letter-writing. Billboards appeared in Cork City, Ireland and panels and performances took place at Bob Rauschenberg Gallery in Ft. Myers, Florida, and Blackrock Castle Observatory, National Sculpture Factory of Ireland. Connie Hwang, Sean Miller, and Sean Taylor also produced a zine titled Hodges Effect: Field Guide for Hurtling through Space which includes a series of hand exercises to increase the impacts of The Hodges Effect. This is the first exhibition exploring The Hodges Effect in the state of Alabama. 

To get a sample of the exhibit click the following links  and  check out the first radio show the  “Hurtling Spherical Menagerie Radio Show” and the Ballad of Ann Hodges