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Letter from the Director – Fall_1

Letter from the Director – Fall

Our mission at WMA is to create experiences that bring art and artists together with members of our community. While this year has challenged us in many ways, the museum continues to find ways to do this important work, by providing safe in-person visitation, as well as virtual resources that allow the public to engage online.

This quarter, as we open new exhibitions and continue programming in adapted formats, we hope that you will attend in whatever way you feel most comfortable. The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of museum operations, from the work we do with artists, to providing virtual tours and classes, and ensuring that all of our decisions set us up for long term success and sustainability.

There has been much discussion over the past several months, across the country, about the relevance of the arts in times of hardship, with people questioning whether the arts are essential. The arts drive the local and regional economy, create tourism, provide for more well-rounded educational opportunities, and create a cultural identity that contributes to quality of life. At WMA, we have an ongoing process of evaluation that informs our decisions each year about what our community most wants and would most benefit from. Through evaluation, public feedback, and research, we have found over and over that the arts are essential.

Our programs will evolve over time and the themes of our exhibitions may change, but we are committed to providing a platform for inspiration and creativity in everything we do. At WMA, the arts remind us of our shared stories, and inspire us to find inspiration in the familiar, day-to-day routines we follow, encouraging us to look beyond ourselves. Art elevates the everyday. 

All the best,

Dana-Marie Lemmer
Executive Director and Curator

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