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Stories from WMA

Stories from WMA

WMA brings in visitors of all ages to learn from and enjoy art in our galleries, and this month, we welcomed a very special group from a fellow nonprofit organization here in Dothan, Vaughn-Blumberg Services, which provides services for people with intellectual disabilities.

Visitors from Vaughn-Blumberg Services have visited WMA for many years, but this was the first return visit after a COVID-related hiatus. Their group enjoyed a tour with staff, who guided them through exhibitions, stopping to talk about art on view from the museum’s Permanent Collection, and in ‘B22: Wiregrass Biennial’, and ‘Mary Ann Sampson: Puppets and Poetry’.

Each visitor in the group received a free art kit to take home, with art supplies and guided art activities to explore their own creativity and self-expression. Art kits are also a great way for visitors to share their museum experience with friends and family at home, building a sense of ownership and community belonging to their arts participation.

At WMA, inclusion matters, and our team works to accommodate groups of every ability and disability, from the gallery to the studio. Our staff, volunteers, and docents take thoughtful and trained approaches to making sure everyone can experience and learn from art. We look forward to seeing our friends at Vaughn-Blumberg Services soon on their next monthly visit!

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