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Stories from WMA: Art elevates summer.

This year, WMA continued to spread creativity, learning, and community engagement through its summer camps and outreach programs. Children, families, and community groups encountered life-changing experiences in the studio, galleries, and beyond.

WMA’s summer camps welcomed over 100 children of all ages and backgrounds. Under the guidance of skilled artists and educators, the campers were encouraged to explore different mediums and techniques. From colorful collages to mixed-media sculptures, WMA’s campers were constantly inspired to create, experiment, and express themselves.

One particularly important aspect of the camps is the lifelong friendships that were forged as campers collaborated on group projects, shared ideas, and cheered each other on during their creative endeavors, making Dothan’s Messiest Art Camps not just about art, but about building connections and fostering a sense of belonging.

Beyond the museum’s walls, the WMA’s reach expanded through outreach programs and partnerships with Hawk Houston Youth Enrichment Center.WMA’s Studio Manager and Art Educator, Alexandria Turner, who created one-of-a-kind works with students each week. They finished their summer with a guided tour of the galleries and finally created a collaborative group project that now hangs in their classroom. WMA also partnered with Wiregrass Boys and Girls Club and Ozark Boys and Girls Club, offering tours and hands-on lessons to over 400 students. The museum’s outreach programs bridge gaps, spark conversations, and bring joy to the Wiregrass region.

Read more information on WMA’s commitment to lifelong learning through outreach in our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, linked here.

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