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Stories from WMA: Lifelong Learning with Rose Hill

WMA draws in visitors of all ages to enjoy the galleries, learn in the studio, and make memories in special classes and workshops. This summer, in addition to summer camps and outreach programs, our community partners at Rose Hill Senior Center took a tour of the galleries and made their own work of art in the studio!

Visitors from Rose Hill Senior Center have visited the museum many times before, but this time they were particularly captivated by the works from Ann Trondson’s The Day Series in Blumberg Gallery. They took their time exploring the galleries and asking questions about each exhibition to the museum tour guides.

After the tour, visitors headed up to WMA’s Studio where Art Educator and Studio Manager, Alexandria Turner, walked residents through a palette knife painting activity. Each participant added their choice of colors to their paper and spread the color around with a palette knife. The results were so beautiful!

At WMA, lifelong learning matters, and our team works to bring groups of every ability and age, from the gallery to the studio. Our staff, volunteers, and tour guides take thoughtful and trained approaches to making sure everyone can experience and learn from art. We look forward to seeing our friends at Rose Hill Senior Center soon on their next visit!

Read more information on WMA’s commitment to lifelong learning through outreach in our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, linked here.

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