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WMA’s Impact- Art + Artists

WMA’s Impact: Art + Artists

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How do artists contribute to the communities where we live, work, and learn? What role do artists play here in the Wiregrass?

Artists teach us how to use creativity and innovation to solve everyday problems, cultivate social and cultural sharing, and enliven our neighborhoods by bringing diverse groups of people together through active arts participation. This year, WMA has remained committed to providing creative and financial support for the role and work of artists in our Wiregrass communities through exhibitions, artist residencies, and online programs that raise artists’ visibility and support their career advancement. At WMA, we prioritize support for artists, because what are the arts without them?

During WMA’s first virtual exhibition, B20: Wiregrass Biennial, we interviewed exhibiting artists from across the Southeast, who expressed their own thoughts on the role of artists:

“I believe that art should have this social element. It shouldn’t always be about a lone creator crafting objects by themselves. That may be a beginning to honing a skill, but I’m inspired when I see it progress from there into a sharing of knowledge and a way to build community.” – Jasper Lee, Alabama

We want to hear from you: What impact do you see created by artists in the Wiregrass? What roles can you envision for them here in our communities?


Dana-Marie Lemmer

Executive Director and Curator

Featured image: Still image from Jasper Lee’s video, Land Rearranged, 2018.

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