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WMA’s Impact- Art + Civic Dialogue

WMA’s Impact: Art + Civic Dialogue

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Did you know that the arts create opportunities for residents to become more engaged in their communities’ civic dialogue?

Specifically, participants in arts events, programs, and projects have more exposure to experiences that unite generations, bridge language barriers, and increase understanding and cultural sharing1. The arts bring us together.

At WMA, we’re actively engaging and connecting residents in the region by providing visual art experiences that spark conversation. Interactions between artists, residents, students, and families lead to authentic civic dialogue that addresses complex and relevant topics, like community health, education, voting, and racial justice. By cultivating a sense of openness to new ideas and respect for diverse perspectives, WMA builds community trust and provides a springboard for civic involvement and belonging.

During this time of extended physical distancing, WMA’s social media takeovers with artists, blog interviews, and virtual artist talks propel this type of community engagement forward in an online format. And, in the near future, WMA will continue to gather public feedback through a series of focus groups that will encourage civic dialogue and inform the museum’s long-term planning.

Follow along at the museum’s #wmaINSPIRED blog or on our Instagram artist takeovers, and join the conversation!


Dana-Marie Lemmer
Executive Director and Curator

¹“Civic Dialogue.” https://www.americansforthearts.org/socialimpact



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