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WMA’s Impact- Art + Innovation

WMA’s Impact: Art + Innovation

Did you know artistic innovation helps build equitable communities, gives people the tools to tell complex histories, and can help build more inclusive economies? By supporting artistic innovation, arts organizations can bring about positive social change.

Artists cultivate creativity and innovation within their artistic practices and share important stories through their artwork. Their use of these highly desired skills aids every aspect of daily life, and can build environments perfectly suited for project incubation, economic equity, and experimentation, like the national program American Arts Incubator.

It’s not just large organizations that can accomplish this type of support for artist innovation. This month, WMA will continue its commitment to support artists through B20: Wiregrass Biennial, available as a virtual exhibition later in July. Long-recognized as an opportunity for emerging and established artists to present new work, WMA’s biennial will give a platform to 39 artists across 11 states in the Southeast this year. Together with these artists, WMA will promote cultural sharing in the Wiregrass region and beyond, and is working to tell the story of the South — its past, present, and future.

Stay tuned for the launch of B20: Wiregrass Biennial, and learn more about the social impact of the arts from Americans for the Arts here.


Dana-Marie Lemmer

Executive Director and Curator

Featured image: Tra Bouscaren, Untitled, 2019-20, Salvage neon, metal, and styrofoam projection, mapped with an interactive multi-channel array of live surveillance video

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