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WMA’s Impact- Art + Intergenerational Learning

WMA’s Impact: Art + Intergenerational Learning

Did you know the arts make every phase of life better and more fulfilling, and that learning through the arts has proven benefits for participants at all stages of life?

In early childhood, the arts can boost IQ and get kids school-ready1. For older adults, arts participation also leads to better physical and mental health, higher morale, lower risk of dementia, and better quality of life2. At the Wiregrass Museum of Art, we encourage lifelong learning through the visual arts at every age, and create a space for families to be inspired side by side.

Our visitors learn by exploring the museum’s exhibitions and by creating together through free gallery art activities. The young man pictured above was so inspired by his school field trip tour that he came back twice that week to share the museum with his family, bringing his mom one day and his grandmother the next. After the student led his family members through a tour of the museum, the family painted with watercolors in WMA’s garden.

WMA’s preK-12 field trip program builds a greater sense of ownership and belonging at the museum for students of all ages and backgrounds, and this active, intergenerational learning amplifies meaningful family and community connections through the arts.

Want to learn about art and create as a family? Mark your calendar to attend WMA’s next First Saturday Family Day on January 4th!


Dana-Marie Lemmer

Executive Director

1“Arts and Lifelong Learning.” https://www.americansforthearts.org/socialimpact


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