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WMA’s Impact- Art + Technology

WMA’s Impact: Art + Technology

Arts organizations overwhelmingly agree: Technology and social media have made art a more participatory experience, and have helped make art audiences more diverse1. What happens when technology and social media are the primary ways to engage with art?

WMA is responding rapidly to offer its community ways to engage with, learn from, and connect with other people through visual art during the COVID-19 crisis. Over the past few years, the museum has worked strategically to strengthen its capacity to serve its broad audiences through technology — from interpretation in galleries, to understanding our visitors, to adapting traditional museum offerings to give students the skills they need in the modern, evolving workplace.

During this time, WMA understands the increased need for technology in the artistic space. What was once described as distracting and detrimental to social well-being and community connection is now essential to keeping us in touch with each other. We’re here as a resource for the Wiregrass and beyond, and we’re actively adapting every aspect of the museum’s work to bring you more opportunities to stay connected in meaningful ways through art.

Want to see first-hand how technology helps you participate in art, community conversation, and self-expression? Download WMA’s app for iOS + Android, follow along on our social media channels, and forward resources to friends and family today! We look forward to bringing our community closer together through this time through art.


Dana-Marie Lemmer
WMA Executive Director

1.Thomson, K., Purcell, K., & Rainie, L. (2013, January 4). Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies. Pew Research Center. [https://www.americansforthearts.org/node/100688]

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