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Become an Art Box Mentor

The Wiregrass Museum of Art wants YOU to be an ART BOX Mentor!

12 students. 3 artist mentors. 1 vision to change the world.

This Spring, WMA is thinking outside of the box and reimagining what Out of the (Art)Box could be. We are looking for up to 12 area Junior High and High School students who believe in art’s ability and power to create a better world. No teams competing against each other, but rather one big team working together to create a catalyst for change. Those chosen for this project will work together to create an arts based solution to an issue facing our community. If this seems vague, it’s because we want YOU to shape this experience! What issues do YOU feel we need to tackle? What issues do you think art can address? How is the best way to accomplish that? YOU tell us!


WMA is looking for artists to be mentors during ART BOX:

You do not necessarily need to have a background in Art Education to serve as a mentor; however, you should possess the following skills/work habits:

  • Creative, Energetic, Motivated, Flexible, Patient, Innovative
  • A general knowledge of the elements/principles of design (line, color, balance, contrast, harmony, etc.)
  • The ability to think abstractly/conceptually (the mentor encourages students to be inventive and not so literal)
  • A specialization in at least one artistic medium such as painting, wood working, drafting, etc.

Chosen mentors will receive a $300 stipend.



Much of the work this year will be virtual. Mentors need to be available from February 12th through the 26th for two Zoom sessions with the team that will run approximately two hours each. (To be scheduled at the mentors’ convenience and within the team’s availability.)

The creative process is collaborative and invites diverse and sometimes challenging viewpoints. As an ART BOX Mentor, your primary responsibility will be to help your team maintain direction throughout the experience. Your role may shift from coach to mediator as you encourage students to validate each decision and intervene if your team has trouble reaching an agreement. Mentors should have the skills to assist others in a positive, constructive way. This includes excellent communication skills, especially the ability to be an active listener and provide feedback in an effective manner. Mentors can draw upon their own career development with their team, including aspirations, goals, experiences, and the particular knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have found necessary to succeed in the art world.

More information about ART BOX available at https://www.wiregrassmuseum.org/out-of-the-art-box/.



  • November 2, 2020 – Out of the (Art) Box application window opens.
  • December 4, 2020 – Out of the (Art) Box application window closes. Statement and reference letters must be sent to brook@wiregrassmuseum.org.
  • December 7, 2020 – Notification of 12 selected individual participants.
  • January 25, 2021: Weekly virtual meetings with mentors begin.
  • February 26, 2021: Final Out of the (Art) Box project debuts.