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Corporate Member Spotlight- CDG Engineers & Associates, Inc.

Corporate Member Spotlight: CDG Engineers & Associates, Inc.


WMA is generously supported in part by the regional business community through its corporate member program. We sat down with Scott W. Trott, P.E., the Chief Strategy Officer of CDG Engineers & Associates, Inc. to talk about their company’s culture and priorities. CDG is a proud Patron level corporate member.

WMA: Scott, please tell us a little about the history of CDG and where the company is today.
Scott: CDG was founded in 1946 by two civil engineers returning from World War II. For the past 75 years, we have worked to understand the vision of our clients, guide them through their projects and help them build the future and their communities while simultaneously enriching the lives of a diverse community of team members. We have acted as a guide for public entities, private enterprises and the petroleum industry. We have had the unique opportunity to serve as the primary consultant for thousands of projects across the Southeast throughout our long history.
Today, CDG employs more than 135 professional, technical and administrative staff in offices across the state of Alabama. We continue to provide our clients with efficient, sustainable solutions and leave them with a legacy worth celebrating.
WMA: What matters most to you at CDG? Is there anything you’d like to share about your company culture?
Scott: CDG is focused on a culture of innovation and continued improvement.  We have a culture in which we are always seeking new ways to engage our talents to improve others. We are always willing to take a step back and say, “Okay, this is great, but what can we do better? How can we do more to serve our clients and our team members?” Several years ago we put standard performance metrics to the side and focused internally on our employees. This simple change in focus has allowed us to thrive. I think that mentality and that constant drive to do more makes CDG a better partner for our clients and a better place to work for our staff.
WMA: We are so grateful for your support as a corporate member. Why do you choose to support the arts, and WMA?  
Scott: Thank you, we are proud to be a corporate member and support the arts in the Wiregrass. To put it simply, we believe that when you support the arts and organizations like WMA, you support community success. The arts give people the opportunity to broaden their horizons by immersing themselves into different ideas, perspectives and cultures. This exposure helps people learn about the experience of others in a new way and allow them to inspire and create as well. Learning through this method is a uniquely individual experience. CDG looks to establish their presence in and worth with communities that also embrace the arts. Artistic and culturally rich communities have historically inspired growth and development, and as a firm that is focused on building the future, we fully encourage that.
WMA: Do you have an art or museum experience that you’d like to share with our members? 
Scott: My family moved to the Wiregrass area several years ago and found WMA to be a unique element in the downtown Dothan landscape. The inclusive environment brings together diverse individuals with unique experiences that they shared. WMA, to us, has been more than just art and more than just another place to go. We have enjoyed so many events with friends that we have brought to the museum and friends that we have met through the museum. We have been introduced to many new experiences. Where else can you take a class on glass blowing? The experiences with WMA have enriched our time in the Wiregrass and have afforded us the opportunity to share these great experiences with members of the CDG family.
WMA: We always like to ask our corporate members, ‘What do you want to see for the future of the Wiregrass?’ So, what’s on the horizon for you, and for CDG Engineers & Associates?
Scott:  The Wiregrass is situated for great things if mindsets remain open. The next great idea may come from anywhere. Effective leadership must build the teams and the places for collaboration.
As for the arts, I would like to see an expansion of youth and adult classes and workshops for the community. I think they provide a unique experience and chance to learn new things. And, you never know. One of those classes may inspire the next great artist.
As far as what’s on the horizon for CDG, we are at what I think is the most exciting phase in the company’s 75-year history. Our expansion means new opportunities for our teams and new opportunities to have a positive impact on the communities that we serve. The future for CDG is exciting, and I am thrilled to be in a seat where I get to plan our next steps.

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