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Do You Remember?

I always seem to have the Earth, Wind, and Fire song “September” stuck in my head this time of year. Sorry…you probably have it stuck in your head now, too. As we slowly begin the journey towards our new normal, that little earworm has me reminiscing. Can you believe that this month The Educator’s Lair celebrates its second birthday? Do you remember when it all began? It’s incredible to think about how much the world has changed in those two short years and how much our blog posts evolved as a result. To celebrate two years of creative hints and artful tricks, I thought I would share some of my favorite posts. You may have missed one or perhaps you joined us after some of these originally posted. Maybe you’ll be reminded of one of your favorite posts or you might just discover a new favorite! Regardless, I hope you enjoy this look back!

Favorite DIY Art Supplies:

Budgets never stretch as far as we want them to so anytime I can repurpose something or find a cost-effective alternative I will jump on the opportunity. Over the years we’ve shared our frugal discoveries with you and here are a few of my personal favorites!

Three Ingredient Air Dry Clay

DIY Liquid Watercolors

DIY Drying Rack


Favorite Teacher Hack:

This hack is a hands down favorite because it’s a game changer. Seriously. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to use glue in your classroom without one. I am, of course, talking about the mighty glue sponge!  #IYKYK

How to Make and Use Glue Sponges



Three of my favorite posts (and some of our most shared posts) focus on self-care. The first two are very transparent in that focus but the third was a bit more personal. I wrote a post about leaf rubbing and the experience was a greatly needed exercise in self care after a storm tore through my neighborhood. It’s one of the only times I shared a glimpse of my personal life with you all on this page. (See “When Life Gives You Lemons…” below). The month of September is dedicated to raising awareness about how important self-care is but self-care is something that we need to make time for every month!

Mindfulness Photography

The Art of YOU: Making Time for Yourself

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make ART! 


What’s in a Name?

About a year into the blog, we realized that we hadn’t taken the time to explain the name. If you found us online or are not familiar with the museum the name probably seems a bit unusual. This post explains it all!

A door with a hand drawn dragon with the sign above that reads, "Welcome to my Lair Studio."

The Educator’s Lair


If you are reading this post, thank you. Thank you for learning with us, creating with us, being silly with us, and celebrating with us. The Educator’s Lair is YOUR lair, too, and we hope that you have found a comfortable and safe space here to learn and grow.

Artfully yours,
Brook McGinnis, Education Director

A woman looks at a hand drawn dragon.