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We’re FALLing for These Projects!

Being located in Southeast Alabama, that cool crisp fall air has finally made its way to us and we are in the mood to create some fall inspired art! Here are some of our favorite fall projects from around the interwebs!


I feel like our chalk pastels never get used enough, so when I find a project that calls for them, I jump on it! This Fall Leaf Project supplies a leaf template that you can print out for your students or you can create your own templates with real leaves. It would be a nice opportunity to talk about the parts of the leaf and any leaves fall: a STEAM powered lesson!

We’ve featured coffee filter sun catchers before and they are just so much fun to make!  This leaf coffee filter sun catcher project is no exception. You could draw your own leaf templates or, again, trace actual leaves gathered by your students.

This fall leaf painting lesson uses actual leaves. It calls for a variety of paints to experiment with but if you don’t want the hassle of all that prep, we have found that watercolors work really well with this sort of project. If you like the look of stamped leaves but aren’t ready to break out the paint, check out our Leaf Rubbing Project we posted a few years ago. (You’ll get to see a picture of my adorable dog if you do!) All you need for this project is crayons, copy paper, leaves, and a flat surface. 

Leaf rubbing artwork.

Woodland Creatures!

We always love an art activity that includes a lovely nature walk! Take your young artist outside and hunt for natural objects you can use to create an adorable owl made out of bark!

While you’re on that nature walk, make sure you grab any cool leaves, twigs, and seeds you see! After you’ve made your bark owls, you can create these fun leaf people! Or if you have some googly eyes stashed away, you can use those leaves to create your very own leaf monsters.

And make sure to point out any critters your see while on your walk. If you save your cardboard egg cartons, you can create these mini 3D animal portraits! WMA campers made them this summer and they turned out so cute!  And with any leftover pieces, you can create this adorable handprint owl. (You can never have too many owl projects, right?)

A 3D mouse portrait made with a carboard egg carton.


LOVE this pumpkin project that uses old books to create a pumpkin! This would be best suited for older students as it requires sharp scissors, spray paint, and hot glue but could be modified for younger artists with additional prep and/or supervision.

If you have any extra coffee filters lying around from the leaf sun catcher project above, use them for this cool 3D Pumpkin Project. It uses a sponge paint technique to color the coffee filters and can be stuffed with cotton balls to create the perfect pumpkin shape.

How about creating WITH pumpkins. We love this fun Runaway Pumpkin process art project! It’s a great way to though a little science into your art as they learn about gravity. It’s also a great way to enjoy a beautiful fall day outside!

We hope you’re inspired to create some beautiful Fall themed art with your students. We can’t wait to see what y’all create!