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Keep on Pushing: The Rosa Parks Show by Tim Kerr and Friends

Multi-talented artist, musician and activist Tim Kerr has created an immersive body of paintings, drawings and collages inspired by the spirit and legacy of social justice and human rights. The show, which originated at the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery in the 60th anniversary year of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, contains over one hundred works created by Tim and friends who include some of America’s most well respected illustrators, artists, photographers and sports figures.  

The exhibition connects the worlds of activism, social justice, music and fine art through portraits of people from all walks of life who have advanced the cause of equity and justice. The juxtaposition of Leonard Peltier with John Coltrane, with Shirley Chisholm with Rosa Parks challenges the viewer to make connections across the spectrum of America history and find their own identity in Tim’s notorious signature, “Your Name Here.”

Tim Kerr is a native, lifelong Texan whose influence on DIY/Skate Punk culture is legendary. As a surfer and skater, Tim’s reputation as one of the earliest promoters of action sports is widely respected. As a musician, Tim’s most well-know band, the Big Boys, continues to influence generations of performers, and they are often cited as the cornerstone of the Austin, Texas alternative music scene. From Fugazi to the Misfits and countless other alternative bands of the 80’s and 90’s, the Big Boys were the “glue” that held the east and west coast scenes together. Tim continues to play Irish/Traditional/Old-Time Music and records and produces a host of contemporary musicians. Two films about Tim are currently in production–one entitled You Can Color Outside the Lines, chronicling his time playing with the Big Boys and their musical legacy, and one called Burn Bright Ring True, a film about Tim and the many bands and musicians with who he has played. Tim is a member of the Texas Music Hall of Fame.

As a visual artist, Tim has been involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the U.S., Asia and Europe. His work is highly sought after and collected by a wide audience. Tim works with youth across the country in the creation of murals, ‘zine workshops and the promotion of safe spaces for youth creativity and development. Tim holds a degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas, where he studied Photography with world-renowned photographer Gary Winogrand. Tim and his wife Beth, the Theatre and Dance Librarian at the Fine Arts Library at UT, share a passion for education and the power of art to make positive change in the world.

– Daniel Neil, Curator