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Stories from WMA mar 21 2022

Stories from WMA

We’re celebrating a return to in-person programs, like First Saturday Family Day!

Khloe B. and her family showed up at First Saturday Family Day last month. She and her brother have been in classes and camps before at WMA, and she, her brother, and her mom stayed for 45 minutes and created print after print. As she was walking out the door, Khloe said, “I never want to leave this place! I love it here!”

‌During the weekdays, museum staff have been making small adjustments to the museum’s Bus on Us field trip program, to make it easier for small groups to get through the museum space while on tours.

“The smaller sized tour groups (with docents) are such an improvement. They are more engaged and everyone has a chance to comment and ask questions. I even feel like I am learning more this year because of the more intimate group size.” – Celena Morris, Kelly Springs Elementary School

Docents have loved the changes, too! This is such an important program for us and we want to ensure that everyone has a good time on tour: students, teachers, art educators, and docents.




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