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Synchronized Swimmers – An interview with artist Jenny Fine

Synchronized Swimmers – An interview with artist Jenny Fine


Jenny Fine is a visual artist and professor currently living and working in Enterprise, Alabama. Rooted in the photographic form, Fine’s practice employs time as material in an exploration of both personal and cultural memory, identity, and our shifting relationship to the photograph in our digital, image-saturated age.

In Synchronized Swimmers, Fine explores her personal narrative and identity through the imagery of water, from memories of swimming in her grandmother’s backyard pool to the ocean floor, and the real and mythical creatures that reside there.

Fine has been developing the idea for this body of work for over a decade and has spent the last year bringing it to life. It builds on themes first present in exhibitions and performances presented at WMA, including 2015’s Flat Granny and Me: A Procession in My Mind and 2017’s In Unison.

During its month-long run at WMA, guests will have the opportunity to see three live performances of Synchronized Swimmers. In this video, you will have a chance to experience a portion of the performance and learn more from from Fine about her artistic practice and how the exhibition came to be.

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