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Inventive Collage Methods: Put Your Junk Mail to Use | A virtual workshop with Bethany Johnson


Free on Zoom. Registration required.

Join Path of Entry artist Bethany Johnson in a morning of experimental collaging practices using materials easily found around the home.

Johnson engages with collage methods in her work, often with otherwise discarded or visually overlooked materials. In this age of continued social distancing and increased working from home, explore ways to make artistic use of everyday items in your home: junk mail, food packaging, and more!

Recommended supplies to have on hand:

Minimum supplies: 
  • Junk mail of any kind, or any scrap paper material you have around the house. This workshop centers around using photographic items as collage materials, so catalogs, fliers, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, circulars, etc. are great things to have on hand
  • A glue stick or something similar
  • Some blank paper (any size or kind will do)
  • Scissors
Additional, optional supplies: 
  • YES! paste and a brush (this is my preferred collaging adhesive)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • X-Acto knife (hobby knife) and blades
  • Ruler

FREE | Zoom registration required.

See Johnson’s work at WMA through June 26 as part of the group exhibition Path of Entry, featuring pieces by six international artists and guest curated by Chintia Kirana.

Learn more about Johnson’s work and studio practice on her website here.